Bitwala are scammers!

  • Here is a specific example of cheating:


  • Level: 3 !!!


  • 7 euro (0,00683800 BTC) !!!


  • !!!

Cards offline

Our card provider Wavecrest Holding Limited had their Visa license removed, which means that all Wavecrest customers using Visa cards are affected. Wavecrest informed us overnight and we haven’t had any time to prepare any of this. We do realise, that many of you depend on their cards, so we deeply sorry for any inconveniences this situation might have caused you. If you ordered a card after December 1st, we will refund you the card order fee.

What’s next?

The Bitwala card will be back! We already have our eyes set on multiple alternatives and will be releasing news of this in due time. As you can imagine, this isn’t something solved overnight and will take some time until we can offer cards again.

We will keep you updated regularly over our social media channels and newsletter about the situation. If you would like to be among the first to know please subscribe to our news below.


7 euro is not returned 

It’s not the amount, it’s the reputation!


  • Continued fraud: Now they offer to forget everything and start over.


  • Gone all the steps. Left to verify.


  • And here we are faced with a new deception! You need to be fluent in German or English!
  • When I asked for support in Russian or French, or to use my Level 3 verification I was answered:


  • After much persuasion to resolve the issue, I received the following answer:


  • Cheaters need new victims!


Your current maker/taker fee is 0.08/0.20%



  • The audacity of the deceivers knows no limit!


  • They did not understand anything!

” Dear Evgeny,

Thank you for contacting Bitwala Support.

Most of our former cardholders successfully received their card balance. We are truly sorry that this is not the case for you.

If you log into your old Bitwala account via this domain and click on the card section, you will see that your card balance is 0€ because your top-ups weren’t successful.

I understand that you paid for the old Bitwala card and to make it up for our customer we’re offering the new Bitwala card for free.

If you decide to use our new Bitwala user account, you have to pass a new verification. Unfortunately, we are unable to transfer old customer data into a new user account.

To access your old Bitwala user account please click here. Please bear in mind that the only functional feature within the old user account is the wallet. You’re able to transfer your BTC from the old Bitwala wallet to your new wallet.

To do this:

1. Create a new Bitwala wallet.
2. Transfer your bitcoin from your old wallet to your new wallet.

In case you have any other question, please feel free to get back to us for further assistance.

Kind regards,
Guy ”


  • And continued racist rhetoric!


Warn everyone about the scam!

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